Education System in El Salvador

El Salvador is the smallest and the most populated country of Central America. According to the rankings of 2010, El Salvador was placed in the top 10 in terms of Human Development Index.
El Salvador has a tropical climate with extensive wet and dry seasons.

The Education System of El Salvador is not highly developed and lacks many resources. Private Schools perform better than public schools because of high level of education, lesser number of students in a class and better resources for teaching, however at a higher cost. Thus, higher income families go to private schools and lower income groups are forced to rely on public schools.

Education in El Salvador follows a (1 or 2) 9-2-5 educational system, which is regulated by the Ministry of Education. The schooling takes the following path:
  • One or two years of Preschool Education.
  • Nine years of Basic Education divided into three cycles of three grades each:
    • 1st Cycle: from 1st to 3rd grades
    • 2nd Cycle: from 4th to 6th grades
    • 3rd Cycle: from 7th to 9th grades; which is a transition to secondary education (e.g. specialized teachers for each assignment).
  • Two (or an optional three years technical program) of Middle Education, called bachillerato:
    • Two year General High School
    • Three year Technical High School (e.g. Accounting, Secretariat, Electronics and Computer Science, etc.)
  • Five years (minimum) of Higher Education, consisting of university education or other tertiary education.
The University of El Salvador (UES) is the largest (and only) public university in the country.  Also many private universities to deliver higher education leading to award of Bachelor's, Masters degrees.
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